Cameron Burt

Welcome, my name is Cameron. I hope to answer some of your questions about me and make you think about yourself and how I can help.

We cannot look to the government or big business to solve our immense unemployment problem. I firmly believe that small and medium businesses are the job creation engine of the economy, so I focus on building SME businesses to create that virtuous cycle in the economy.

Using an array of world-class and proven tools, I can assist you in building measurable and sustainable value in your business. I embrace new technology and thrive on conceptualising, mapping and implementing new initiatives or innovations, whether products or services to generate additional profit for the organisation. My strength lies in seeing the long-term big picture, and I always take the strategic view with the entrepreneur to build a purpose-driven business. I aim to build your business as an asset with a higher value at your exit.

While some say never trust a skinny chef, others say never trust a business coach that has not failed at least once. I’m no chef, but I have started five businesses. Two are still operating successfully.

That MBA from Stirling University did help after all.

MarketDoor Solutions Pty Ltd

Entrepreneur, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Legal & IP, People, Technology, Product, Sales, Funding & Valuation, Strategy

I prefer to mentor clients in person and virtually

+27 83 212 9414


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