Dudu Mofokeng

Welcome, my name is Dudu. I hope to answer some of your questions about me and make you think about yourself and how I can help.

I am a futuristic leader with a reputation for converting stalled businesses into thriving organisations by rendering strategic advisory, reviewing/overhauling operational roadmaps, and implementing strategic programmes to realise overarching goals across corporate, government, international and entrepreneurial spaces.
I earned a reputation as a business mentor and coach with success in boosting SMEs’ organisational development, decision-making, and employee management skills to build competitive and ever-growing businesses. I successfully lead the end-to-end implementation of research-based flagship projects through effective team leadership and cross-functional collaboration.
Track record of supporting trade negotiations (Non-Agricultural Market Access [NAMA], Southern African Customs Union [SACU], and European Free Trade Association [EFTA]) as well as promoting and matchmaking export products and foreign direct investment (Foreign Dire Investments [FDI]) with/to foreign buyers and South African partners. I established and steered an award-winning business (with five branches) from scratch by implementing strategic plans and recruiting/leading a team of 52 multicultural members.


Post Grad Diploma- Small Enterprise Consulting - TSIBA Bcom (Econ & Stats) - UWC

Entrepreneur, Sales, Strategy

Services Tourism Small Business

I prefer to mentor clients in person and virtually


+27 82 377 5088


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