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Thinkubate is a product we have wanted to morph into our Thinkroom business for many moons, but never had the time. We have, at last, done it, adding our collective bits to the ultimate solution.


Over the past six years we have been privileged to work with businesses and clients across the African continent and the UK. We have touched a number of clients and entrepreneurs along our journey, with some of the following numbers acting as a good reminder that there is still a lot of work to be done in the entrepreneurship development world.
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# of businesses we have worked with to date
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# of businesses we have reached through digital media to date
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# of businesses we have worked with in Grow & Scale stages
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# of ecosystem partners we work with in Africa and the UK


Our team consists of a bunch of individuals passionate about developing entrepreneurs and businesses. We work across all life stages of entrepreneurship development and measure our success by the success of the businesses we work with.

Want To Be Part Of The Thinkubate Community?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a potential corporate client, an ecosystem player, a service provider, a mentor, trainer or coach, if you want to join our ever growing community, join us by sending us a message so that we can contact you to discuss your needs.


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